Thursday, December 16, 2010


If love is a vast sea
Can it be nirvana
As it is oblivion
Noisy as it is silence
Calm, harmonious as it
Softly brushes the beach
Stormy, tumultuous as it
Angrily smashes the rocks
Pulled by the moon
To ebb 
Tricked by the sun
To neap
Yet every day
High and low tides
Bring magic
To our landlocked lives
Hidden behind
The smiles 
We try to suppress
As we feel the joy
Of those so brave
They dare to ride 
In the tube
Of love’s giant waves.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Show your lovely soul
Opening to the huntress
Watch for her arrows

Seed of Mystery
Autumn raindrops mock my tears
Loving feeds the growth

In my bed of leaves
With cloudy doubts of reason
Swept in windy swirls

Autumn medicine
March plants call out for harvest
Each a cry of love

Graceful willow wisps
In fall brush by my lips
Your fire ignites my soul

Breezes loosen life
Colored beauties leaving trees
We are free again

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Head to Heart Moment - a Pi poem

When wisdom speaks
From head to heart
Bring forth love from action
Rise up when pressures work to push you down
Oneness - Allness
Feel from your core the connection
Pulses from heart to head
Head to heart
Not buried deep in sand
Tugging until the light of day is revealed
Wisdom brings you to the open place of knowing
Now seeing with clarity and perfect vision
The path that leads us from love to action
Heart to head

Joining Moment

Two drops of water in a stream
Flow gently to the river's mouth
Two rivers 
Rush to the sea
Push and pull 
With the tide
The massive wave
That shapes
The shore

Two drops of mist form a cloud
Roll and ride
The jet stream
Swallow warm vapors
Gather electricity
As they pass
The dark storm cloud
That nourishes
The earth

Two bodies magnetically joined
Flowing, rushing,
 Pushing, pulling
Rolling, riding, 
The empowering force
That lights
The spirit

Seimei Shin Moment - Homage to Joseph Campbell

Seimei Shin -
Purity of heart

Bright heart
Bright as the sun
Correct heart
Seeks fairness
Straight heart
Not inclined to mislead
Clear heart
Like a flawless diamond

Can a broken heart be
Seimei Shin?
No longer flawless
A diamond
In the rough
Filled with inclusions
Each earned

Alien Abduction Moment

All in my head
Its what the doctors said
All in my head
Yet every week
Being abducted by an alien crew
A "SPELL" overcame me
As the hole in my heart
Would pull me on to their ship
The same
Each and every time
My fingers would grow
Into giant sausages
My mothers face blown up
Like a big fat balloon
Then the face
A witches face
with a huge wart on her nose
Closer and closer
An inch from mine
Would melt into a red and white
Target swirl
Begin to spin
Round and round
Until I hit the ground
"I'm back," I would cry
As if emerging from the ship
But it was all in my head
Its what the doctors said

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Senryu Moment

Desire warms my mind
Warm thoughts of possibilities
Nipping at my heart

Love brings us oneness
Takes us to the next level
One never alone

Passion fuels my life
Like strong winds blowing my sail
While I learn to jibe

From Haiku to Tanka

Like my cup of tea
In summer I sip from you
Missing your sweet voice

Like my cup of tea
In summer I sip from you
Missing your sweet voice
Missing the joy of joining
 Savoring each fragrant sip

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Moments - Haiku

 How may I love you?
 How will we dance summer’s tune?
 Blissfully open
How will I hold you? 
How will the trees hold their leaves?
Gracefully tender
Why look in my eyes?
Why look for God in the rain?
Loving is found there
What do lovers feel?
What have trees shared with the earth?
Will we ever know? 

Spirit Moment - A Cinquain

              Yours, Mine
   Lighting, Shining, Believing
  Remember, seek deep  inside