Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am enraptured
Brought to this place
To celebrate
The pull so strong
So intense
It flows over me
pure hot springs
From deep inside the earth
Lure me
Warm me
Envelope me
I am one
With the sky

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am searching for a word,
Searching in vain,
How can I possibly describe,
This moment that I seek to express.

I have tried out a few,
Delightful, it isn’t even close,
It seems too fluffy to explain
The complexity.

Heavenly, too ambiguous
My heaven could be different than yours.
Magnificence, is getting closer,
Yet somehow not enough.

I need some help with this,
Maybe some more information.
Maybe I should break it down,
And start with the kisses.

I am searching for a word,
I feel what it means,
It isn’t the meaning that eludes me,
This moment that I seek to express.

Monday, January 25, 2010

800 Pound Gorilla

Why does the 800 pound Gorilla linger,
Stuck here
in the room with us
And that big old Elephant.
All of us sharing this tiny place.
One wants to tear us to shreds,
The other keeps us  from
Telling the Emperor that he has no clothes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Haiku

Hearing your breathing
Nightime crickets chirp their songs
Symphony of love

Seed of Mystery
Autumn raindrops mock my tears
Loving feeds the growth

Angels and devils live here
From summer's heart blackbirds fly
Open to its call

Bring me doubts and fears
Moonlight guides us through the woods
Secret caves await

Your words lift me up
As chill air pounds my windows
I am loving you

Rising to your touch
Winter wind blows outside in
Magical dancing

Awaits winter afternoon
Mystery unveiled

Demons visit us
As winter chill turns to spring
Send them on their way

Ode to Love A to Z in Haiku

Agape with wonder
As autumn days fly by me
Waiting for your smile

Bewitch me slowly
Before the leaves start to fall
Your web holds my thoughts

Caress my finger tips
When they start to feel the chill
Warm energy will flow

Darling as you are
When buds open up in spring
What flower am I?

Eros God of love
Summer flowers bloom
Yearning for your kiss

Fondly sweet lover
As ice covers the water
Toward me you glide

Grateful is my heart
Passing seasons bring nearer
Sharing of my soul

Honey from your lips
As hives prepare for winter
Soft, sweet, lovely lips

Innocence beheld
Water rushing downstream
Reborn with your kiss

Joy sweet and simple
Soft rain or falling snow
Abundant delights

Kindness or kisses
Harvest for a winter day
Thaw in the sunlight

Loving or Lusting
Thunder, lightning or soft rain
Are you yin or yang?

Mellow or intense
Hail pellets or snowflakes
Is it sun or moon?

Nerve endings on fire
Pouring rain can’t put it out
Feeling you in me

Overtures can be
As we enter falls forest
The key to our dreams

Passion burning bright
Lightning in the summer sky
Deep and hard and true

Quest or creation
Planting seeds in dark, damp soil
Real or just a dream

Romantic rapport
Sharing summers waning days
Learning to share joy

Soft spots newly found
As cocoons show their bounty
We learn how to fly

Tender touches felt
Trees are looking like peaches
My inner fire glows

Understanding me
Misty days and foggy nights
Understanding you

Venerate with awe
Like hoar frost on bare branches
Fairies brush my heart

Wild, Wanton, Worship
While the earth chooses its cloak
I follow your lead

Xanadu I saw
As ripe fruit drops from fall’s trees
Milk of Paradise

Yearning for your kiss
Before snowflakes hit the ground
Hoping to connect

Zealously open
When first chill has frozen earth
My passion for you


When I write, my watery mind flows down,
out my fingers through the ink,
splashing on to the page.
I see a fish jump,
an idea flashes by my eyes.
Will i remember it,
until I find the ink?
I see trout spawning in a creek,
wishing mating were that easy.
I feel thunder in my ears
from a waterfall
gushing out of a volcanic hillside in Hawaii.
I want to have it pound down on me and clear away
the fearful thoughts.
I walk, tempting ocean waves to lick my toes,
wishing I could learn to surf
and be right there in the heart of the beast.


I often think it necessary to make sense
of this broken and scattered world.
How else can I find meaning there
without awareness of why it broke
and who made it scatter.
In awareness, I seek meaning and purpose
but i never do see it and the more I try
the thicker the fog comes in.
If not awareness
then maybe acceptance.
Will acceptance finally scratch my itch to know
or will it merely stop me from the seeking.
I see my heart as the place
where all the breaking and scattering happens.
I find meaning in acts I perform
to gather each piece and
with three part epoxy
glue it back together.


Today, I found a friend,
lost one day
long ago,
in a revolving door.
Silly of me to try to squeeze
such huge baggage
in that space
made for just one.
I was stuck
and she did not look back.
Went on with her day
no thought of where I might be.

I travel light these days
and rarely use revolving doors.

Today, we met by chance,
across a crowded room.
For the first time in,
I can't remember when,
we took the time to relax
in each other's smile.


Inside me everything is singing.
Singing loud,
Singing strong.
Please come with me and sing along.

Outside me everything is swaying,
Swaying this way,
Swaying that.
Please take my hand and sway along.


Do I have warmth and sensibility?
Warmth yes, I feel the warmth.
Sensibility, which one?
The ability to appreciate
or respond,
to complex emotional influences.
Oh yes, that must be me.
The more complex the emotion
the greater my appreciation.

Or the other one,
The delicate nature that makes me
shocked or offended by the merest
slight or transgression.
Yes, I can see that too,
noisy boys and all that,
do tend to offend.


Is there truth
in my poet's voice?
Words that resonate
Who I am.

Does my poet choose
out of my tattered heart?
Words of love,
pounding with passion.

Where is the seeker
in prayers from my soul?
Words of awakening,
unveil the mystery.

Can I find freedom
before it flees?
Words without constraint,
fresh from my dreams.

Who will want to share
my abundant joy?
Words like a balm,
heal an open wound.

Must they betray me
to clothe my naked mind?
Words so raw and unrefined,
take me on a wild ride.

Will my poet's voice
be radically sincere?
Words that illuminate,
Who I am

Used to be

I used to be adorable
but now I do the adoring.
I used to be precocious
but now I think to much.
I used to say the cutest things
but now I weigh every word.
I used to be so wise
but now I am confused.
I used to pose for anyone
but now I am camera shy.
I used to think the world revolved around me,
but now I see it pass me by.
I used to make up silly names,
but now I am lucky if I remember yours.
I used to feel greatly loved
but now I am the great lover.


When am I most hopeful?
When I am lifted up
by gratitude.
Lifted up
because I love
and am loved.
When I am engaged
in my rituals.
Rituals that connect me
connect me
to the universe
and all that breathe in it.
When silence responds
by creating a space,
a space to stop and appreciate
that gratitude
has been expressed.


Am I impeccable with my word?
Do the words that pour out from my mouth
Or from my pen,
Hurt me or you?
If they do then we have my sincerest
If they do then I promise both of us
That I will do my best,
Beginning this very moment
To set them free
And never again
Allow them to live
Within my heart or my mind.

Prairie Dream

You were the sorcerer enticing me with your magic
Standing beside endless fields of newly plowed corn
Reaching up with hands full of golden seeds
Forming random patterns reflecting your smile

This once brown and yellow ground
Now alit with the match of growth
The earth moist with the soft mist you wave over it
Sprouts aching to twist and turn their way to prairie glory

You hush my urge to hurry
And simply hold out your arms to unveil
The delicate yet hardy life that emerges from living death
This resurrected majesty

Colors fall like snow
Purples richer than royal velvets,
Yellows kissed by sunny lips,
Greens more glorious than emeralds,
Bits of ruby, sapphire, champagne diamonds
As though drawn out of centuries old alluvial fans
Responding to your call
Acquiring facets by the mastery of your hands alone
And all you asked was that I watch the mystery unfold


I found myself
in the heart of a redwood forest.
Trees so tall and closely standing
The sun has never touched the amazing
small green life that reaches up to find it.
A stream so cool and pure
Only satin rocks to camouflage
The rainbow fish
seeking to unite and procreate.
As I stood inside this tree
That has opened its heart
So that we may get to know
how it feels
to be part of a giants life.


I sit unbelieving,
as choice enters the realm,
And light will never be the same.

I stand as transformation,
leads to a new journey

and dark disappears.

I wait to see which hue will appear,
Staying away,
from those in between.

A maze, a foggy trick of imagination,
or can I believe,
that the path will clear,
and a new one will be set free.

Short Course

Love can offer invaluable lessons
Whether it lasts forever or
for this moment only.

A sentimental education
In the process of getting
an advanced degree.


Home is where my
search for love begins.
While it need not have
water near it,
it usually does.
The bigger the water,
the deeper I search.
I've seen it in a creek.
washing over the rocks.
When it tumbles down a waterfall
or if its stillness
denies even a ripple.
When the lake has whitecaps
and the sail nearly touches the water.
Although the seeking
may turn my simple love into passion.
When I walk a beach with waves
that crash so loudly
I fear my heart will break.