Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eagle Moment

Fully awake
Fully aware
Yet in a meditative state
An Eagle,
Larger than myself,
Stopped to rest.
Just feet away
It took my balloons
My giant red balloons
I had filled them
With messages
Curse removing
Messages of hope
He blessed them
Holding tight
In his magnificent
Black horn talons
Rising from what seemed
A wrinkled hand of wisdom
Turned and spread his
Colossal, lustrous wings
And flew up to the sun
Without stirring a breeze
I watched as
Each red balloon
Devoured by the flames
As they touched the sun
It was only a few seconds later
He returned
Spoke these words to me
“It will be done”

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Complexity Moment

Each moment
Revealing new
Exciting layers
Each layer
Your spirit,
Your soul,
What brings your smile
What brings you worry
What brings you joy
Your spirit
Your soul
What brings you peace
What brings you harmony
What brings you bliss
Learning why
When I lie
In the stillness
In your arms
In that moment
My spirit
My soul
Finds a place
Where it is content
To just be
Where it is
In the complexity
In the layers
So new
So exciting
So you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Moment

My angel is real
She has always been here
I thought I heard
But I did not hear
I will now
Free from fear
Free from guilt
Free from the voice
That was not real
The voice that told me
I could not do
I could not be
All that I was meant to be
To serve with love
All who do not listen
To what their angel 
Has to tell them
To all that need 
The wisdom within
To be free
From all that I am free
To do and be
All they are meant to be

The Feel of You

When I touch
Your hand
I want
To cover you
With kisses.
I want to invite
You to be
Inside me
You want to be
When I touch
Your skin
Your lips
Your neck
Your shoulders
Your chest
Your body
You want me
To touch
You must know
That the flavor
Of you
Lures me
Tempts me
Calls me
To be lost in
The movement
The moment
The seeking
To be inside
You want me to be.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gift Moment

I will give to me
The gift of being
Who you need me
to be,
In this very moment.

I will do all I can
To support your movement
to the place of joy
Where your spirit
Needs you to be
In this very moment.

You will give to you
The gift of honoring
The bright and beautiful
Light that you are
In this very moment.

We will give to each other
The gift of love,
And the immense brightness
Of the reflection
Of each of our lights
Upon the other.
In this very moment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carly Moment

Naiveté led us astray
On a spring
Bay Area day.
Carly and I
Decided to try
A walk on Muir Beach.
The waves were rolling in
The beach was divine
She went ahead
Around the rocks
To scout out
What lay beyond.
She returned in haste
No time to waste
To tell me she had seen
A naked man.
I freaked
She squeaked
"Lets get out
Before I shout
Oh My God , a naked man."
My curiosity
Had the best of me
I had to see
I asked her to wait
As I quickened my gait.
Seeing all that I needed
I rushed back
and conceded
There was a man
Trying for a tan
His parts on display
All I could say
"Oh My God, a naked man."

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Tao of Mary

When I started on
The pathless path.
To find my authentic self,
I was lost
More than found,
I struggled with the
Words that seemed
To intentionally
These simple truths.

Dear Lao Tzu,
Right from the start
You confused me with
The notion
That the name that can be spoken
Is not the name.
All of the opposites
That you say are the same,
How can all that is great
Be not great at all.
Yet, I saw in your words
A beauty and simplicity
That I have not seen
Before or since.
Showing me how to act
When I am not aware
Of acting.
How not to act
When I am aware of acting.
I read you each day,
try to live what I learn,
Struggle with your words,
You lead me to know
I would never be found
If I was struggling.
What if I already knew?
Finally I stop
While in silence
Joy filled my life.
Now I know
Because of you
Exactly what
I must not do.
Or do I?

Your humble servant,

Thursday, May 6, 2010


We have been to the stars
And while I long to return
We have a new place now
Yet equally delicious
Equally intense.
If a tree’s branches
Touch the sky
And that is where we fly,
Then a tree’s roots
Seek a place
The warm core
Of the earth.
Like a womb
We are snugly fit
Deep inside
Touching those parts
Of us
That feel connected
To our roots
The roots of our essence.
That journey
Deep versus high
Moving in rhythm
Pulsing to the beat
Of your music.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

....TEA or ME

I love Tea
And Tea loves me
It wakes me
Yet calms me.
I refuse to let
A so called movement
Turn the word to
A pejorative,
A mockery
Of everything good
That Tea means to Me.
Put down those signs
Filled with ugly,
Hate filled
Quit spouting
Those self-righteous
That are used to
The greedy
Disregard for anyone
But You.
Put down those guns
Carried into public parks
Done to justify
The insane belief
That You are
Take off those
Three-cornered hats
They do not prove
That You
Of all people
Are Patriots.
I demand
You leave the Tea
Bag or loose leaf
To people like Me
Who care about
The least of us
Who know the price
Of schools and police
And roads and services
That protect all of us.
Who do not boast
About how strong
And mighty
Their accomplishments
Bring society.
Who do not fear
They will loose their
Because a Black Man
Is President.
I implore
Please restore
The name of
The beverage
I adore
to its gentle
I recommend
That You amend
The name You choose
To abuse
Can’t you see
You are really