Thursday, December 16, 2010


If love is a vast sea
Can it be nirvana
As it is oblivion
Noisy as it is silence
Calm, harmonious as it
Softly brushes the beach
Stormy, tumultuous as it
Angrily smashes the rocks
Pulled by the moon
To ebb 
Tricked by the sun
To neap
Yet every day
High and low tides
Bring magic
To our landlocked lives
Hidden behind
The smiles 
We try to suppress
As we feel the joy
Of those so brave
They dare to ride 
In the tube
Of love’s giant waves.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Show your lovely soul
Opening to the huntress
Watch for her arrows

Seed of Mystery
Autumn raindrops mock my tears
Loving feeds the growth

In my bed of leaves
With cloudy doubts of reason
Swept in windy swirls

Autumn medicine
March plants call out for harvest
Each a cry of love

Graceful willow wisps
In fall brush by my lips
Your fire ignites my soul

Breezes loosen life
Colored beauties leaving trees
We are free again

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Head to Heart Moment - a Pi poem

When wisdom speaks
From head to heart
Bring forth love from action
Rise up when pressures work to push you down
Oneness - Allness
Feel from your core the connection
Pulses from heart to head
Head to heart
Not buried deep in sand
Tugging until the light of day is revealed
Wisdom brings you to the open place of knowing
Now seeing with clarity and perfect vision
The path that leads us from love to action
Heart to head

Joining Moment

Two drops of water in a stream
Flow gently to the river's mouth
Two rivers 
Rush to the sea
Push and pull 
With the tide
The massive wave
That shapes
The shore

Two drops of mist form a cloud
Roll and ride
The jet stream
Swallow warm vapors
Gather electricity
As they pass
The dark storm cloud
That nourishes
The earth

Two bodies magnetically joined
Flowing, rushing,
 Pushing, pulling
Rolling, riding, 
The empowering force
That lights
The spirit

Seimei Shin Moment - Homage to Joseph Campbell

Seimei Shin -
Purity of heart

Bright heart
Bright as the sun
Correct heart
Seeks fairness
Straight heart
Not inclined to mislead
Clear heart
Like a flawless diamond

Can a broken heart be
Seimei Shin?
No longer flawless
A diamond
In the rough
Filled with inclusions
Each earned

Alien Abduction Moment

All in my head
Its what the doctors said
All in my head
Yet every week
Being abducted by an alien crew
A "SPELL" overcame me
As the hole in my heart
Would pull me on to their ship
The same
Each and every time
My fingers would grow
Into giant sausages
My mothers face blown up
Like a big fat balloon
Then the face
A witches face
with a huge wart on her nose
Closer and closer
An inch from mine
Would melt into a red and white
Target swirl
Begin to spin
Round and round
Until I hit the ground
"I'm back," I would cry
As if emerging from the ship
But it was all in my head
Its what the doctors said

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Senryu Moment

Desire warms my mind
Warm thoughts of possibilities
Nipping at my heart

Love brings us oneness
Takes us to the next level
One never alone

Passion fuels my life
Like strong winds blowing my sail
While I learn to jibe

From Haiku to Tanka

Like my cup of tea
In summer I sip from you
Missing your sweet voice

Like my cup of tea
In summer I sip from you
Missing your sweet voice
Missing the joy of joining
 Savoring each fragrant sip

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Moments - Haiku

 How may I love you?
 How will we dance summer’s tune?
 Blissfully open
How will I hold you? 
How will the trees hold their leaves?
Gracefully tender
Why look in my eyes?
Why look for God in the rain?
Loving is found there
What do lovers feel?
What have trees shared with the earth?
Will we ever know? 

Spirit Moment - A Cinquain

              Yours, Mine
   Lighting, Shining, Believing
  Remember, seek deep  inside

Love Calling Moment - A Cinquain

                                                 Love calls
                                      Near the ocean’s surf
                                  Under forest’s dense shade
                               Atop a mountain in the breeze
                                                Love smiles

Whisper of Love Moments - Haiku

My red is passion,
Bamboo grows near, by the reeds,
Hollow filled by you.

If I am Phoenix,
Lotus Flower blooms each day,
You are my Dragon

Your tender touches
Underneath Orion's shield
Dreams of loving you

Remember the night
Clouds part for July’s Full Moon
We bathe in her light

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poetry Moment

Poetry is a necessity
It helps us make
That leap of faith
We need to see the truth

Poetry is a necessity
We do not need
To understand it
To gaze in wonder

Poetry is a necessity
It lifts us
It pulls us
It takes us on a wild ride

Not understanding poetry
Is a beautiful thing
It turns our eyes
Towards the beloved

Not understanding poetry
Is what our hearts
Ache for
What they deserve

Not understanding poetry
Is better than
Understanding most
Anything else

Monday, July 12, 2010

Villanelle Moment

Villanelle Moment

Awaiting, the moment of desire
We long for sweet kisses so near
Anticipation, my heart is afire

Knowing, not needing to enquire
We approach without any fear
Awaiting, the moment of desire

Connecting, we dare to aspire
We see that our passion is clear
Anticipation, my heart is afire

Traveling, this path may require
We embrace all that is dear
Awaiting, the moment of desire

Feeling, we must then conspire
We thrill when first we hear
Anticipation, my heart is afire

Wanting, what next will transpire
We reach to see it appear
Awaiting, the moment of desire
Anticipation, my heart is afire

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sedona Vortex Offerings Moment

The stone offerings were everywhere
Red rocks
Red earth
Tall ones, short ones
Creating a sacred place
As we worked to balance our stones
Hoping they would stay
As we erected them
For centuries
A monument to the
Deep seated need
Within the human soul
To connect with each other
As we connect to the divine

Friday, June 25, 2010

Old Fashioned Buttery Poetry Moment

You brought me here
Caressing me with your
Knowing fingertips
Silken lips
Probing tongue
Teasing me so close
To the edge of abandon
Falling fast until
A tall white cloud
Picks us up and holds us close
As the fiery sparks we transmit
One against the other
Igniting pure friction
Turning this
Sleepy, opalescent dragon
Into a fire breathing
Arms and legs following
Bodies dancing to the beat
Of space and time
Entering Divine territory
As I call out to the Gods and Goddess
Before our trajectory
Finds a perfect galaxy
And we forget to land

Lovely Moment

Holding you
In my hands
Reaching around you
With my mouth
Feeling you
Against my lips
My tongue
Reveals you
Reveals me
As we
Find our way
To that other
Part of me
Where you fit
So perfectly
So amazingly
Where the very start
Of feeling you
Begins the journey
To mutual movement
Joyful expression
Joyful expression
Reaching the sky

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beauty Moment

If I want you
To see me
I need to remove
My armor
My vulnerability
The bright light
To shine
My vulnerability
The gift
I offer you
A window
My inner beauty

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Musical Moment

Moving to the beat
Moving with your body
As you begin
The sounds I love to hear
The melody
The chorus
On the upbeat
Unfulfilled crescendo
Dissonant harmony
Now loud and long
Enlarged to form a Coda
Prolonging the buildup
Longer and faster
Then my treat arrives
As with the final climax
Of this piece
Followed by peace
And an amazing

Friday, June 18, 2010

Intensity Moment

Resting in your arms
Speaking of intensity
Layers of intensity
Shared energy
As each layer
Is unveiled
And the next
We rise to meet
What that may mean
Reach for
Shared bliss
Listen to
Our bodies
Where they lead us
Where we follow
Where the pleasure
Of pleasing
And being pleased
A new realm
A new layer
Of intensity.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father Memory Moment

My father
Such a complicated man
A secret life
A secret death
Defying even his own Mother
Who swore
He would never die young
Because she knew
Only the good
Die then
Loved and Hated both
By most who knew him
A man of Charm
A man of Karisma
A man of Power
A man who never took
For an answer
Those of us who tried
To go against his wishes
Finding ourselves out foxed
By the Fox
When he loved you
You didn't care
What anyone said about
His goodness or
Lack of it.
I loved him
He was 
my first lesson
In unconditional love
I watched him
Do it his way
I would have loved
To see him live beyond
The sixty years he lived
To see how a true Freespirit
Lives in old age. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance Moment

On a marsh walk
On a windy day when
The sun first shows itself
Just before sunset,
I am privileged to find
A dance and dancers.
A raucous ballet
A performance
For those of us
Who choose this path
Who choose to watch
Violet seeded rows of tall grasses
Leaning into
White seeded rows.
They rustle as the
Choreographer sends them
The message,
Push now,
Fall back now,
Kick your legs,
Wave your heads
To the music
To the beat
Entertain us with
Your sensuous dance.
The lonely Aspen
Quakes in amusement
The taller grasses
Bow in amazement
The reeds
Like a curtain
try to hide
this dance
From the lake
On the other side.
I do not wish to leave
But the sun ceases to
The colored seeds turn
The wind still blows
The ballet will be
There for the evening
Who may wish
To dance along.

Sunday, June 6, 2010



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Voice III

Your voice is like
A liquid
A mellow, creamy
It creates
In me
An urge to
Lick it from
Your body
As you speak
And it slowly
Down your
Hairy chest
Down your
Beautiful belly
Wherever it flows
Before I try
To consume it all.

Your voice
All of my senses
All of my desires
Calls me to my
Pen in the middle
Of the night
As I interrupt
A dream
To remember
The way I felt
Just a few hours
As it flowed
Out of you
In to me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Voice II

Can a voice bring you
At the same time
It stirs your passions?
Can a voice,
As it changes
From soft to edgy,
Pull you in
While it sets you free?
Can a voice be
Smooth and silky
while its wit
stimulates your mind?
Can a voice
Be light and joyful
As it digs into
Your heart?
Can a voice be
The essence
Of sensuality
As it
Speaks with
It can
It will
It does

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eagle Moment

Fully awake
Fully aware
Yet in a meditative state
An Eagle,
Larger than myself,
Stopped to rest.
Just feet away
It took my balloons
My giant red balloons
I had filled them
With messages
Curse removing
Messages of hope
He blessed them
Holding tight
In his magnificent
Black horn talons
Rising from what seemed
A wrinkled hand of wisdom
Turned and spread his
Colossal, lustrous wings
And flew up to the sun
Without stirring a breeze
I watched as
Each red balloon
Devoured by the flames
As they touched the sun
It was only a few seconds later
He returned
Spoke these words to me
“It will be done”

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Complexity Moment

Each moment
Revealing new
Exciting layers
Each layer
Your spirit,
Your soul,
What brings your smile
What brings you worry
What brings you joy
Your spirit
Your soul
What brings you peace
What brings you harmony
What brings you bliss
Learning why
When I lie
In the stillness
In your arms
In that moment
My spirit
My soul
Finds a place
Where it is content
To just be
Where it is
In the complexity
In the layers
So new
So exciting
So you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Moment

My angel is real
She has always been here
I thought I heard
But I did not hear
I will now
Free from fear
Free from guilt
Free from the voice
That was not real
The voice that told me
I could not do
I could not be
All that I was meant to be
To serve with love
All who do not listen
To what their angel 
Has to tell them
To all that need 
The wisdom within
To be free
From all that I am free
To do and be
All they are meant to be

The Feel of You

When I touch
Your hand
I want
To cover you
With kisses.
I want to invite
You to be
Inside me
You want to be
When I touch
Your skin
Your lips
Your neck
Your shoulders
Your chest
Your body
You want me
To touch
You must know
That the flavor
Of you
Lures me
Tempts me
Calls me
To be lost in
The movement
The moment
The seeking
To be inside
You want me to be.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gift Moment

I will give to me
The gift of being
Who you need me
to be,
In this very moment.

I will do all I can
To support your movement
to the place of joy
Where your spirit
Needs you to be
In this very moment.

You will give to you
The gift of honoring
The bright and beautiful
Light that you are
In this very moment.

We will give to each other
The gift of love,
And the immense brightness
Of the reflection
Of each of our lights
Upon the other.
In this very moment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carly Moment

Naiveté led us astray
On a spring
Bay Area day.
Carly and I
Decided to try
A walk on Muir Beach.
The waves were rolling in
The beach was divine
She went ahead
Around the rocks
To scout out
What lay beyond.
She returned in haste
No time to waste
To tell me she had seen
A naked man.
I freaked
She squeaked
"Lets get out
Before I shout
Oh My God , a naked man."
My curiosity
Had the best of me
I had to see
I asked her to wait
As I quickened my gait.
Seeing all that I needed
I rushed back
and conceded
There was a man
Trying for a tan
His parts on display
All I could say
"Oh My God, a naked man."

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Tao of Mary

When I started on
The pathless path.
To find my authentic self,
I was lost
More than found,
I struggled with the
Words that seemed
To intentionally
These simple truths.

Dear Lao Tzu,
Right from the start
You confused me with
The notion
That the name that can be spoken
Is not the name.
All of the opposites
That you say are the same,
How can all that is great
Be not great at all.
Yet, I saw in your words
A beauty and simplicity
That I have not seen
Before or since.
Showing me how to act
When I am not aware
Of acting.
How not to act
When I am aware of acting.
I read you each day,
try to live what I learn,
Struggle with your words,
You lead me to know
I would never be found
If I was struggling.
What if I already knew?
Finally I stop
While in silence
Joy filled my life.
Now I know
Because of you
Exactly what
I must not do.
Or do I?

Your humble servant,

Thursday, May 6, 2010


We have been to the stars
And while I long to return
We have a new place now
Yet equally delicious
Equally intense.
If a tree’s branches
Touch the sky
And that is where we fly,
Then a tree’s roots
Seek a place
The warm core
Of the earth.
Like a womb
We are snugly fit
Deep inside
Touching those parts
Of us
That feel connected
To our roots
The roots of our essence.
That journey
Deep versus high
Moving in rhythm
Pulsing to the beat
Of your music.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

....TEA or ME

I love Tea
And Tea loves me
It wakes me
Yet calms me.
I refuse to let
A so called movement
Turn the word to
A pejorative,
A mockery
Of everything good
That Tea means to Me.
Put down those signs
Filled with ugly,
Hate filled
Quit spouting
Those self-righteous
That are used to
The greedy
Disregard for anyone
But You.
Put down those guns
Carried into public parks
Done to justify
The insane belief
That You are
Take off those
Three-cornered hats
They do not prove
That You
Of all people
Are Patriots.
I demand
You leave the Tea
Bag or loose leaf
To people like Me
Who care about
The least of us
Who know the price
Of schools and police
And roads and services
That protect all of us.
Who do not boast
About how strong
And mighty
Their accomplishments
Bring society.
Who do not fear
They will loose their
Because a Black Man
Is President.
I implore
Please restore
The name of
The beverage
I adore
to its gentle
I recommend
That You amend
The name You choose
To abuse
Can’t you see
You are really

Friday, April 30, 2010

Chorus Moment

It rained all night
And most of the day
Suddenly the sun
Decided to mysteriously
Force the clouds
Into hiding,
The deep green smell
Poured in through
My open door
And called for me
To walk the dogs
Through the newly
Freshened wetlands
There to meet us
Were the Chorus frogs
A serenade so beckoning
We were tempted to
Jump in the pond
And join them
In their sweet refrain


Rising and falling
In speed and pitch
Inviting us to enjoy
This small piece of day
And celebrate the
Smell of the
Squeaky clean earth
Washed by the rain
From the dark clouds
That so recently

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jazz Moment

I am an aficionado 
Of the Jazz band
That you are
The innovative music
That you are
The sense of freedom
That you inspire
In me

I am a groupie
Of the Jazz band
That you are
The passionate music
That you are
The sense of exploration
That you inspire
In me

I am an instrument
Of the Jazz band 
That you are
The cool jazz music
That you are
The sense of connection
That you inspire
In me

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love's Musical Questions

How do we begin
The music
Of love making?
Are we sure
That the language we share
Is harmonic?
Who arranges the pulse of the piece,
Decides which beats are
Which beats
Are not?
Will they give rise
To our motif?
Will our phrases
Use repetition or contrast
Be weak or strong
Climax or repose?
Will our passage
How many themes
And how many variations
Will we play
on our
delicate instruments?
Will our cycle be
a symphony
or will we
happily create
a one movement work
with an air
of spontaneous inspiration
and call ourselves
a rhapsody?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

VooDoo Moment

I want to find a funky riff
Put myself in its pocket
Find that place
Where the drums and the bass
Need me to
Work that voodoo out.

I want to find a funky riff
Forget where I’m at
Never get where I’m go’in
Never tell what I’m show’in
Just want to
Work that voodoo out.

I need a funky riff
Need to get mellow
Need to forget
What I’m gon’na get
When I
Work that voodoo out.

I need a funky riff
Need to unwind
Need to sit in your lap
Hear your fingers tap
While you
Work that voodoo out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Intensity Moment

A ride
On a celestial trapeze
Velvet ropes
Coming out of the sky
Telekinetically controlled
By stars
Maybe planets
Moons of planets.
Lush velvet ropes
With a bar for two
Who swing together.
All things possible
As they swing
With only
To keep them
From falling off.
Tumbling to the earth.
Tell a story
What happened as they
What they had never
The sky at their
The momentum
Clamoring for more

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If Moment

If love is a vast sea
Can it be nirvana
As it is oblivion,
Noisy as it is silence,
Calm, harmonious as it
Softly brushes the beach,
Stormy, tumultuous as it
Angrily smashes the rocks
Pulled by the moon
To ebb
Tricked by the sun
To neap
Yet every day,
Both high and low
Bring magic
To our landlocked lives
Hidden behind
The smiles
We try to suppress
As we feel the joy
Of those so brave
They dare to ride
In the tube
Of love’s giant waves.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The birch leaf whispers
Telling the wind
The secret of
How it feels
To push your roots
Through layers of soft and rock hard soil
Seeking earth’s core.

The hummingbird whispers
Telling the flowers
The secret of
How it feels
To hover, pulsing wings
Stroking swiftly in figure eights
Seeking infinity

The lotus whispers
Telling the deep dense mud
The secret of
How it feels
To push ever upward
Reaching through murky water
Seeking the sun

The cattail whispers
Telling the red wing blackbird
The secret of
How it feels
To taunt the reeds
With phallic seedheads
Seeking fertile ground

We whisper
Telling each other
The secret of
How it feels
To please each other
Starting with a kiss
Seeking connection


An all-consuming flame
Permeates every cell
Top to bottom
Passionate to the core
Each moment
Day or night
Filled with possibilities
Engaged primal urges
Hide, yet
Call out for pleasure
Remain hidden
Encourage a search
No frills required
No illusions
No pretensions
Shooting straight from the heart
We are knowing teachers
As we are responsive students
Ring the bell
School is always
In session


I hushed the stars
That I was born to hold
Here in my heart
Hold so they
Will never lose
The fever that helps them
Burn so hot.
I smile for the stars
That wait for me
To ignite the fire
That starts
The fever that helps them
Burn so hot.
So hot the glow
Can be seen
From here
From beyond here
Where someone
Hushes the stars
That they were born
To hold.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am a mirror
I am a radiant reflection
Of love

I am an impulse
I am a radiant transfer
Of energy

I am a sentry
I am a radiant beacon
Of protection

I am a confection
I am a radiant creation
Of delight

I am a pillar
I am a radiant beam
Of support

I am a statute
I am a radiant representation
Of stillness

I am a body
I am a radiant essence
Of joy

Monday, April 12, 2010


Watery dreamsleep
Waits to be dreamt
Caresses of the sun
Tease me awake
Curtain flaps
Cats purr
I wait for you
To knead too
All those places 
That cry to 
At last
I am warm

Concentric Circles

When I think of concentric circles
I don’t think about a theory
Not about urban sprawl
Not about math
Tubes, cylinders or discs.
I think about the act
Of you making concentric circles
Round and round on
A warm – wet
And wildly receiving of pleasure
part of me.
Or about the act
Of joyously making
Concentric circles
Round and round on
A warm – hard
And wildly receiving of pleasure
Part of you.


Wrap round my mind
Sweep in with breath
Of stillness
Wade through my watery
Ring my bell
Awaken my day
With movement
My turn to
Ring your bell
Awaken your senses
To your

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like a Star in Heat

Like a star in heat
on a spring fever night
Shine through the layers
That shield me from love
Throw off my armor
fuel my burning being
Seek the connection
Unleash my joyful soul
Spread its abundance
Up to the sky
Into the earth
Over the sea
Out the fiery light
Now, I am
Open to the breath
That inhales my love
And exhales my passion
Open to the breath
That unleashes my transformation
And contains my heart
In a perfect vessel
To offer to the Gods
My perfect love.