Friday, April 30, 2010

Chorus Moment

It rained all night
And most of the day
Suddenly the sun
Decided to mysteriously
Force the clouds
Into hiding,
The deep green smell
Poured in through
My open door
And called for me
To walk the dogs
Through the newly
Freshened wetlands
There to meet us
Were the Chorus frogs
A serenade so beckoning
We were tempted to
Jump in the pond
And join them
In their sweet refrain


Rising and falling
In speed and pitch
Inviting us to enjoy
This small piece of day
And celebrate the
Smell of the
Squeaky clean earth
Washed by the rain
From the dark clouds
That so recently

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jazz Moment

I am an aficionado 
Of the Jazz band
That you are
The innovative music
That you are
The sense of freedom
That you inspire
In me

I am a groupie
Of the Jazz band
That you are
The passionate music
That you are
The sense of exploration
That you inspire
In me

I am an instrument
Of the Jazz band 
That you are
The cool jazz music
That you are
The sense of connection
That you inspire
In me

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love's Musical Questions

How do we begin
The music
Of love making?
Are we sure
That the language we share
Is harmonic?
Who arranges the pulse of the piece,
Decides which beats are
Which beats
Are not?
Will they give rise
To our motif?
Will our phrases
Use repetition or contrast
Be weak or strong
Climax or repose?
Will our passage
How many themes
And how many variations
Will we play
on our
delicate instruments?
Will our cycle be
a symphony
or will we
happily create
a one movement work
with an air
of spontaneous inspiration
and call ourselves
a rhapsody?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

VooDoo Moment

I want to find a funky riff
Put myself in its pocket
Find that place
Where the drums and the bass
Need me to
Work that voodoo out.

I want to find a funky riff
Forget where I’m at
Never get where I’m go’in
Never tell what I’m show’in
Just want to
Work that voodoo out.

I need a funky riff
Need to get mellow
Need to forget
What I’m gon’na get
When I
Work that voodoo out.

I need a funky riff
Need to unwind
Need to sit in your lap
Hear your fingers tap
While you
Work that voodoo out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Intensity Moment

A ride
On a celestial trapeze
Velvet ropes
Coming out of the sky
Telekinetically controlled
By stars
Maybe planets
Moons of planets.
Lush velvet ropes
With a bar for two
Who swing together.
All things possible
As they swing
With only
To keep them
From falling off.
Tumbling to the earth.
Tell a story
What happened as they
What they had never
The sky at their
The momentum
Clamoring for more

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If Moment

If love is a vast sea
Can it be nirvana
As it is oblivion,
Noisy as it is silence,
Calm, harmonious as it
Softly brushes the beach,
Stormy, tumultuous as it
Angrily smashes the rocks
Pulled by the moon
To ebb
Tricked by the sun
To neap
Yet every day,
Both high and low
Bring magic
To our landlocked lives
Hidden behind
The smiles
We try to suppress
As we feel the joy
Of those so brave
They dare to ride
In the tube
Of love’s giant waves.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The birch leaf whispers
Telling the wind
The secret of
How it feels
To push your roots
Through layers of soft and rock hard soil
Seeking earth’s core.

The hummingbird whispers
Telling the flowers
The secret of
How it feels
To hover, pulsing wings
Stroking swiftly in figure eights
Seeking infinity

The lotus whispers
Telling the deep dense mud
The secret of
How it feels
To push ever upward
Reaching through murky water
Seeking the sun

The cattail whispers
Telling the red wing blackbird
The secret of
How it feels
To taunt the reeds
With phallic seedheads
Seeking fertile ground

We whisper
Telling each other
The secret of
How it feels
To please each other
Starting with a kiss
Seeking connection


An all-consuming flame
Permeates every cell
Top to bottom
Passionate to the core
Each moment
Day or night
Filled with possibilities
Engaged primal urges
Hide, yet
Call out for pleasure
Remain hidden
Encourage a search
No frills required
No illusions
No pretensions
Shooting straight from the heart
We are knowing teachers
As we are responsive students
Ring the bell
School is always
In session


I hushed the stars
That I was born to hold
Here in my heart
Hold so they
Will never lose
The fever that helps them
Burn so hot.
I smile for the stars
That wait for me
To ignite the fire
That starts
The fever that helps them
Burn so hot.
So hot the glow
Can be seen
From here
From beyond here
Where someone
Hushes the stars
That they were born
To hold.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am a mirror
I am a radiant reflection
Of love

I am an impulse
I am a radiant transfer
Of energy

I am a sentry
I am a radiant beacon
Of protection

I am a confection
I am a radiant creation
Of delight

I am a pillar
I am a radiant beam
Of support

I am a statute
I am a radiant representation
Of stillness

I am a body
I am a radiant essence
Of joy

Monday, April 12, 2010


Watery dreamsleep
Waits to be dreamt
Caresses of the sun
Tease me awake
Curtain flaps
Cats purr
I wait for you
To knead too
All those places 
That cry to 
At last
I am warm

Concentric Circles

When I think of concentric circles
I don’t think about a theory
Not about urban sprawl
Not about math
Tubes, cylinders or discs.
I think about the act
Of you making concentric circles
Round and round on
A warm – wet
And wildly receiving of pleasure
part of me.
Or about the act
Of joyously making
Concentric circles
Round and round on
A warm – hard
And wildly receiving of pleasure
Part of you.


Wrap round my mind
Sweep in with breath
Of stillness
Wade through my watery
Ring my bell
Awaken my day
With movement
My turn to
Ring your bell
Awaken your senses
To your