Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like a Star in Heat

Like a star in heat
on a spring fever night
Shine through the layers
That shield me from love
Throw off my armor
fuel my burning being
Seek the connection
Unleash my joyful soul
Spread its abundance
Up to the sky
Into the earth
Over the sea
Out the fiery light
Now, I am
Open to the breath
That inhales my love
And exhales my passion
Open to the breath
That unleashes my transformation
And contains my heart
In a perfect vessel
To offer to the Gods
My perfect love.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ice Out Moment

Today the ice is leaving
The little lake outside my door
More than half is gone
Large white birds swoop in the watery part
The wind blows from the south
Pushing the remaining ice
Tight against the shore
Singing the most lovely song
I have ever heard
A tinkling chorus
Pulsing waves
The white birds call
Accenting the melody
My spring fever burns
My heart pines
To be part of the lyrics
To be part of the rush
To be part of the water
Opening this moment
In all its magnificence
Opening for me
Fill my hunger
Fill my eyes
Fill my soul

Book of Moments, Introduction

When a moment
Illuminates pure, sweet
I celebrate that moment
With laughter.

When a moment
Illuminates deep, abiding
I celebrate that moment
With tears.

When a moment
Illuminates profound, unfathomable
I celebrate that moment
With empathy

When a moment
Illuminates strong, intense
I celebrate that moment
With abandon

When a moment
Illuminates noble, selfless
I celebrate that moment
With gratitude

Monday, March 29, 2010

Abstract Expressionism

Expression at the core
Reveals through layers of life lessons
Like the earth
The heat beneath
Expression through the layers
The hottest lava flow
Surface now
Bubbling up
Is there more of this sweet treat
Waiting even deeper
To raise its soulful spirit
My soulful sprite
Not in spite
But my delight

At Sea

I must have spent lives,
long ago,
on the sea or in it.
A slave rowing
A captain sailing
A fisherman angling
A mermaid creating
Mythical aquatic life.
Considering my Irish heritage,
A selkie shedding my sealskin
To walk as human upon the shore.
Or maybe I started
On a lake
A pond,
A river,
A creek,
A tiny stream,
Flowing from somewhere
That flows to the sea.
I know has been a very long time
Living and Loving the sea.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Am I one or many?
Do I flow into the world?
Or does it flood into me?
Do I float in stillness?
Or do I swim to keep pace?
Is harmony my dream?
Or do I dream of chaos?
Am I peace?
Or am I agitating for change?
Am I union?
Or am I division?
Do I need to choose?
Or can I have it all?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Quivering with curiosity
She sees the tale will
Evolve before her eyes.
Rippling with eroticism
He opens the portal to
Emerge before he
Dissolves before her eyes.
Wander to another place.
Tighten the connection.
Arise before he
Melts into her touch,
Unleashes the warmth,
Refreshes the spirit,
Softly, slowly
Strongly, swiftly
Gather up the pieces
Take me home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Letter Day

I see women rebels
in large numbers
of defending their honor
To crazed lunatic bullies
Serving tea with no crumpets
Serving lies with contempt
Women rebels
of the very best kind
Uniting in sewing bees
across the country
Uniting to stitch
Until each has her own                                    
Beautiful Red Letter            
Worn proudly to proclaim,
Before they can be blamed
Which ever sin it is they wish to name.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Leave my thoughts
I do not want to be limited
By what I think I need and want
Nor do I care to know
If and When I will get
My hearts desire
And how it will appear
Or why I will not get it
Why I do not deserve it
Oh expectation!
Leave my thoughts
I do not want to be limited
By anything,
Especially not a thought
I would rather be surprised

Saturday, March 13, 2010


If I understand
Where you are coming from
Will it preserve
Where I am.
Am I free
To be only me
While I celebrate you.
Is this an opportunity
To become still
To give service
Or both.
If I remain still
Will both come together
Seeking the souls
We forgot,
Seeking the courage
To find what is
Already there.
The root that does not
As it learns to grow
As it allows
Love to appear.

Friday, March 12, 2010


If I assure you
That what you see
Of me
Is what you get
Then it is up to you
 To see
What is there for you
It is up to me
To be
All that I am

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am still

I am still in order
To understand truth
So that I may
Understand love.
I am finding ways
To express love
Free of judgment
Free of lack and loss
Free of confusion
Free of negativity
Free of what isn’t love.
Free of what isn’t able to love.
Perceiving only
Who I am
I am hope
I am joy
I am love

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celebrate Part II

Today I felt a call to celebrate
no reason
just a great day to celebrate
each choice honored 
each act honored
Today was so magnificent
I decided to celebrate
and any day after Tomorrow
that calls to celebrate.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The ride

Your essence
Breathes peacefully
Here in my heart
The body that holds you
Along for a ride

Your stillness
Breathes softly
Here in my heart
I feel the dreams pull you
Along for a ride

Your calmness
Breathes joyfully
Here in my heart
You hold tight my body
Along for a ride

The cry

The new age prophets cry
“Live in the moment”
Which moment, I ask?
Is there one I am not living in?
Not unlike the born agains cry
“I have a personal relationship with Jesus’
How is that possible, I ask?
Never knew a man,
Dead so long could be
Personally involved in your life.
Now I hear the birthers cry
“Not a real birth certificate”
What is an unreal birth certificate?
A fake, identity theft, a conspiracy
To take a little, half African baby
And make him President.
Why does none of this make sense to me
Maybe if I live each moment with Jesus,
As he saves me,
The two of us can go to Hawaii
And find out the truth.


Today is a day to celebrate
A voyage to Pandora
Learning how to see me
Learning  how to see you
Learning to see how
Our planet
Longs to be seen
Longs to celebrate
How our planet
Tires of destruction
Tires of those who do not see
Who will not see
Its beauty
Its  union
With all who call it home
With all who long
To celebrate

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Glorious Day, Part II

What a delight
to walk in the sun
especially if snow covers the ground.
My thoughts not of glory today,
more of gratitude.
Here in this frozen place
no earthquakes.
no tsunamis,          
no floods,
no mudslides,
just miles of snow
stretching out
reflecting the sun.
Showing the sun
its glory.
Showing me