Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prairie Dream

You were the sorcerer enticing me with your magic
Standing beside endless fields of newly plowed corn
Reaching up with hands full of golden seeds
Forming random patterns reflecting your smile

This once brown and yellow ground
Now alit with the match of growth
The earth moist with the soft mist you wave over it
Sprouts aching to twist and turn their way to prairie glory

You hush my urge to hurry
And simply hold out your arms to unveil
The delicate yet hardy life that emerges from living death
This resurrected majesty

Colors fall like snow
Purples richer than royal velvets,
Yellows kissed by sunny lips,
Greens more glorious than emeralds,
Bits of ruby, sapphire, champagne diamonds
As though drawn out of centuries old alluvial fans
Responding to your call
Acquiring facets by the mastery of your hands alone
And all you asked was that I watch the mystery unfold

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