Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ode to Love A to Z in Haiku

Agape with wonder
As autumn days fly by me
Waiting for your smile

Bewitch me slowly
Before the leaves start to fall
Your web holds my thoughts

Caress my finger tips
When they start to feel the chill
Warm energy will flow

Darling as you are
When buds open up in spring
What flower am I?

Eros God of love
Summer flowers bloom
Yearning for your kiss

Fondly sweet lover
As ice covers the water
Toward me you glide

Grateful is my heart
Passing seasons bring nearer
Sharing of my soul

Honey from your lips
As hives prepare for winter
Soft, sweet, lovely lips

Innocence beheld
Water rushing downstream
Reborn with your kiss

Joy sweet and simple
Soft rain or falling snow
Abundant delights

Kindness or kisses
Harvest for a winter day
Thaw in the sunlight

Loving or Lusting
Thunder, lightning or soft rain
Are you yin or yang?

Mellow or intense
Hail pellets or snowflakes
Is it sun or moon?

Nerve endings on fire
Pouring rain can’t put it out
Feeling you in me

Overtures can be
As we enter falls forest
The key to our dreams

Passion burning bright
Lightning in the summer sky
Deep and hard and true

Quest or creation
Planting seeds in dark, damp soil
Real or just a dream

Romantic rapport
Sharing summers waning days
Learning to share joy

Soft spots newly found
As cocoons show their bounty
We learn how to fly

Tender touches felt
Trees are looking like peaches
My inner fire glows

Understanding me
Misty days and foggy nights
Understanding you

Venerate with awe
Like hoar frost on bare branches
Fairies brush my heart

Wild, Wanton, Worship
While the earth chooses its cloak
I follow your lead

Xanadu I saw
As ripe fruit drops from fall’s trees
Milk of Paradise

Yearning for your kiss
Before snowflakes hit the ground
Hoping to connect

Zealously open
When first chill has frozen earth
My passion for you

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