Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance Moment

On a marsh walk
On a windy day when
The sun first shows itself
Just before sunset,
I am privileged to find
A dance and dancers.
A raucous ballet
A performance
For those of us
Who choose this path
Who choose to watch
Violet seeded rows of tall grasses
Leaning into
White seeded rows.
They rustle as the
Choreographer sends them
The message,
Push now,
Fall back now,
Kick your legs,
Wave your heads
To the music
To the beat
Entertain us with
Your sensuous dance.
The lonely Aspen
Quakes in amusement
The taller grasses
Bow in amazement
The reeds
Like a curtain
try to hide
this dance
From the lake
On the other side.
I do not wish to leave
But the sun ceases to
The colored seeds turn
The wind still blows
The ballet will be
There for the evening
Who may wish
To dance along.

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