Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father Memory Moment

My father
Such a complicated man
A secret life
A secret death
Defying even his own Mother
Who swore
He would never die young
Because she knew
Only the good
Die then
Loved and Hated both
By most who knew him
A man of Charm
A man of Karisma
A man of Power
A man who never took
For an answer
Those of us who tried
To go against his wishes
Finding ourselves out foxed
By the Fox
When he loved you
You didn't care
What anyone said about
His goodness or
Lack of it.
I loved him
He was 
my first lesson
In unconditional love
I watched him
Do it his way
I would have loved
To see him live beyond
The sixty years he lived
To see how a true Freespirit
Lives in old age. 

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