Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carly Moment

Naiveté led us astray
On a spring
Bay Area day.
Carly and I
Decided to try
A walk on Muir Beach.
The waves were rolling in
The beach was divine
She went ahead
Around the rocks
To scout out
What lay beyond.
She returned in haste
No time to waste
To tell me she had seen
A naked man.
I freaked
She squeaked
"Lets get out
Before I shout
Oh My God , a naked man."
My curiosity
Had the best of me
I had to see
I asked her to wait
As I quickened my gait.
Seeing all that I needed
I rushed back
and conceded
There was a man
Trying for a tan
His parts on display
All I could say
"Oh My God, a naked man."

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