Friday, May 7, 2010

The Tao of Mary

When I started on
The pathless path.
To find my authentic self,
I was lost
More than found,
I struggled with the
Words that seemed
To intentionally
These simple truths.

Dear Lao Tzu,
Right from the start
You confused me with
The notion
That the name that can be spoken
Is not the name.
All of the opposites
That you say are the same,
How can all that is great
Be not great at all.
Yet, I saw in your words
A beauty and simplicity
That I have not seen
Before or since.
Showing me how to act
When I am not aware
Of acting.
How not to act
When I am aware of acting.
I read you each day,
try to live what I learn,
Struggle with your words,
You lead me to know
I would never be found
If I was struggling.
What if I already knew?
Finally I stop
While in silence
Joy filled my life.
Now I know
Because of you
Exactly what
I must not do.
Or do I?

Your humble servant,

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